Properties of G-atoms and full Galois covering reduction to stabilizers

Volume 83 / 2000

Piotr Dowbor Colloquium Mathematicum 83 (2000), 231-265 DOI: 10.4064/cm-83-2-231-265


Given a group G of k-linear automorphisms of a locally bounded k-category R it is proved that the endomorphism algebra $End_R (B)$ of a G-atom B is a local semiprimary ring (Theorem 2.9); consequently, the injective $End_R (B)$-module $(End_R (B))^*$ is indecomposable (Corollary 3.1) and the socle of the tensor product functor $- ⊗_R B^*$ is simple (Theorem 4.4). The problem when the Galois covering reduction to stabilizers with respect to a set U of periodic G-atoms (defined by the functors $Φ^U: \coprod_{B ∈ U} mod kG_B → mod(R/G)$ and $Ψ^U: mod(R/G) → \prod_{B ∈ U} mod kG_B$)is full (resp. strictly full) is studied (see Theorems A, B and 6.3).


  • Piotr Dowbor

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