• 564 Haar-$\mathcal I$ sets: looking at small sets in Polish groups through compact glasses
    Taras Banakh, Szymon Głąb, Eliza Jabłońska, Jarosław Swaczyna
  • 565 Besov and Triebel–Lizorkin spaces on spaces of homogeneous typewith applications to boundedness of Calderón–Zygmund operators
    Fan Wang, Yongsheng Han, Ziyi He, Dachun Yang
  • 566 On local solutions to a free boundary problem for incompressible viscous magnetohydrodynamics in the $L_p$-approach
    Yoshihiro Shibata, Wojciech M. Zajączkowski
  • 567 Mackey groups and Mackey topologies
    Lydia Außenhofer, Dikran Dikranjan
  • 568 Homotopical properties of hyperspaces of generalized continua: the proper and ordinary cases
    Włodzimierz J. Charatonik, Tomás Fernández-Bayort, Antonio Quintero
  • 569 Construction and heat kernel estimates of general stable-like Markov processes
    Victoria Knopova, Alexei Kulik, René L. Schilling
  • 570 Hausdorff dimension of the boundary of bubbles of additive Brownian motion and of the Brownian sheet
    Robert C. Dalang, Thomas Mountford
  • 571 Evolution equations governed by quasilinear operators satisfying Carathéodory's conditions
    Toshitaka Matsumoto, Hirokazu Oka, Naoki Tanaka
  • 572 Approximate roots of quasi-ordinary polynomials
    Beata Gryszka
  • 573 Buildings of exceptional type in buildings of type $\mathsf{E_7}$
    Anneleen De Schepper, N. S. Narasimha Sastry, Hendrik Van Maldeghem
  • 574 Harmonic analysis on graphs via Bratteli diagrams and path-space measures
    Sergey Bezuglyi, Palle E. T. Jorgensen
  • 575 Structured, compactly supported Banach frame decompositions of decomposition spaces
    Felix Voigtlaender
  • 576 There is no bound on Borel classes of graphs in the Luzin–Novikov theorem
    Petr Holický, Miroslav Zelený
  • 577 Isolated points of spaces of homomorphisms from ordered AL-algebras
    Adam Bobrowski, Wojciech Chojnacki
  • 578 Conditional positive definiteness in operator theory
    Zenon Jan Jabłoński, Il Bong Jung, Jan Stochel
  • 579 Discrete symplectic systems, boundary triplets, and self-adjoint extensions
    Petr Zemánek, Stephen L. Clark
  • 580 Tracial smooth functions of non-commuting variables and the free Wasserstein manifold
    David Jekel, Wuchen Li, Dimitri Shlyakhtenko
  • 581 A new approach to model categorical homotopy fiber sequences
    Alisa Govzmann, Damjan Pištalo, Norbert Poncin
  • 582 $C(\beta\mathbb{N}\setminus\mathbb{N})$ among the Archimedean $\ell$-groups with strong unit
    Philip Scowcroft
  • 583 On bounded coordinates in GNS spaces
    Debabrata De, Kunal Mukherjee
  • 584 On the $(n+3)$-webs by rational curves induced by the forgetful maps on the moduli spaces $\mathcal M_{0,n+3}$
    Luc Pirio
  • 585 CP-semigroups and dilations, subproduct systems and superproduct systems: the multi-parameter case and beyond
    Orr Moshe Shalit, Michael Skeide
  • 586 Continuous 2-colorings and topological dynamics
    Dominique Lecomte
  • 587 Product decompositions of semigroups induced by action pairs
    Scott Carson, Igor Dolinka, James East, Victoria Gould, Rida-e Zenab
  • 588 Quantum hypergraph homomorphisms and non-local games
    Gage Hoefer, Ivan G. Todorov
  • 589 Classical and almost sure local limit theorems
    Zbigniew Szewczak, Michel Weber
  • 590 Taylor expansions of Jacobi forms and linear relations among theta series
    Xiao-Jie Zhu
  • On the genera and spinor genera of integral, ternary quadratic forms
    José María Montesinos-Amilibia
  • 591 On the genera and spinor genera of integral, ternary quadratic forms
    José María Montesinos-Amilibia
  • 592 A Grothendieck topos of generalized functions I: basic theory
    Paolo Giordano, Michael Kunzinger, Hans Vernaeve
  • 593 Renormalized solutions to a parabolic equation with mixed boundary constraints
    Tan Duc Do, Le Xuan Truong, Nguyen Ngoc Trong

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