Cardinal invariants for $\kappa$-box products: weight, density character and Suslin number

Volume 516 / 2016

W. W. Comfort, Ivan S. Gotchev Dissertationes Mathematicae 516 (2016), 1-41 MSC: Primary 54A25, 54A10; Secondary 54A35, 54D65. DOI: 10.4064/dm748-2-2016 Published online: 10 June 2016


The symbol $(X_I)_\kappa$ (with $\kappa\geq\omega$) denotes the space $X_I:=\prod_{i\in I}X_i$ with the $\kappa$-box topology; this has as base all sets of the form $U=\prod_{i\in I}U_i$ with $U_i$ open in $X_i$ and with $|\{i\in I:U_i\neq X_i\}| \lt \kappa$. The symbols $w$, $d$ and $S$ denote respectively the weight, density character and Suslin number. Generalizing familiar classical results, the authors show inter alia:

Theorem 3.1.10(b). If $\kappa\leq\alpha^+$, $|I|=\alpha$ and each $X_i$ contains the discrete space $\{0,1\}$ and satisfies $w(X_i)\leq\alpha$, then $w(X_\kappa)=\alpha^{ \lt \kappa}$.

Theorem 4.3.2. If $\omega\leq\kappa\leq|I|\leq2^\alpha$ and $X=(D(\alpha))^I$ with $D(\alpha)$ discrete, $|D(\alpha)|=\alpha$, then $d((X_I)_\kappa)=\alpha^{ \lt \kappa}$.

Corollaries 5.2.32(a) and 5.2.33. Let $\alpha\geq3$ and $\kappa\geq\omega$ be cardinals, and let $\{X_i:i\in I\}$ be a set of spaces such that $|I|^+\geq\kappa$.

(a) If $\alpha^+\ge\kappa$ and $\alpha\le S(X_i)\le \alpha^+$ for each $i\in I$, then $\alpha^{ \lt \kappa}\le S((X_I)_\kappa)\le(2^\alpha)^+$; and

(b) if $\alpha^+\leq \kappa$ and $3\le S(X_i)\le \alpha^+$ for each $i\in I$, then $S((X_I)_\kappa)=(2^{ \lt \kappa})^+$.


  • W. W. ComfortDepartment of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Wesleyan University
    Middletown, CT 06459, U.S.A.
  • Ivan S. GotchevDepartment of Mathematical Sciences
    Central Connecticut State University
    New Britain, CT 06050, U.S.A.

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