The semi-index product formula

Volume 140 / 1992

Jerzy Jezierski Fundamenta Mathematicae 140 (1992), 99-120 DOI: 10.4064/fm-140-2-99-120


We consider fibre bundle maps (...) where all spaces involved are smooth closed manifolds (with no orientability assumption). We find a necessary and sufficient condition for the formula    |ind|(f,g:A) = |ind| (f̅,g̅: p(A)) |ind| $(f_b,g_b:p^{-1}(b) ∩ A)$ to hold, where A stands for a Nielsen class of (f,g), b ∈ p(A) and |ind| denotes the coincidence semi-index from [DJ]. This formula enables us to derive a relation between the Nielsen numbers N(f,g), N(f̅,g̅) and $N(f_b,g_b)$.


  • Jerzy Jezierski

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