Universally Kuratowski–Ulam spaces

Volume 165 / 2000

David Fremlin, Tomasz Natkaniec, Ireneusz Recław Fundamenta Mathematicae 165 (2000), 239-247 DOI: 10.4064/fm-165-3-239-247


We introduce the notions of Kuratowski-Ulam pairs of topological spaces and universally Kuratowski-Ulam space. A pair (X,Y) of topological spaces is called a Kuratowski-Ulam pair if the Kuratowski-Ulam Theorem holds in X× Y. A space Y is called a universally Kuratowski-Ulam (uK-U) space if (X,Y) is a Kuratowski-Ulam pair for every space X. Obviously, every meager in itself space is uK-U. Moreover, it is known that every space with a countable π-basis is uK-U. We prove the following:  • every dyadic space (in fact, any continuous image of any product of separable metrizable spaces) is uK-U (so there are uK-U Baire spaces which do not have countable π-bases);  • every Baire uK-U space is ccc.


  • David Fremlin
  • Tomasz Natkaniec
  • Ireneusz Recław

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