Korovkin theory in normed algebras

Volume 100 / 1991

Ferdinand Beckhoff Studia Mathematica 100 (1991), 219-228 DOI: 10.4064/sm-100-3-219-228


If A is a normed power-associative complex algebra such that the selfadjoint part is normally ordered with respect to some order, then the Korovkin closure (see the introduction for definitions) of T ∪ {t* ∘ t| t ∈ T} contains J*(T) for any subset T of A. This can be applied to C*-algebras, minimal norm ideals on a Hilbert space, and to H*-algebras. For bounded H*-algebras and dual C*-algebras there is even equality. This answers a question posed in [1].


  • Ferdinand Beckhoff

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