Normal Hilbert modules over the ball algebra A(B)

Volume 135 / 1999

Kunyu Guo Studia Mathematica 135 (1999), 1-12 DOI: 10.4064/sm-135-1-1-12


The normal cohomology functor $Ext_ℵ$ is introduced from the category of all normal Hilbert modules over the ball algebra to the category of A(B)-modules. From the calculation of $Ext_ℵ$-groups, we show that every normal C(∂B)-extension of a normal Hilbert module (viewed as a Hilbert module over A(B) is normal projective and normal injective. It follows that there is a natural isomorphism between Hom of normal Shilov modules and that of their quotient modules, which is a new lifting theorem of normal Shilov modules. Finally, these results are applied to the discussion of rigidity and extensions of Hardy submodules over the ball algebra.


  • Kunyu Guo

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