Classical solutions of hyperbolic partial differential equations with implicit mixed derivative

Tom 56 / 1992

Salvatore Marano Annales Polonici Mathematici 56 (1992), 163-178 DOI: 10.4064/ap-56-2-163-178


Let f be a continuous function from $[0,a] × [0,β] × (ℝ^n)⁴$ into $ℝ^n$. Given $u₀,v₀ ∈ C⁰([0,β],ℝ^n)$, with f(0, x, ∫_0^x u₀(s)ds, ∫_0^x v₀(s)ds, u₀(x), v₀(x)) = v₀(x) for every x ∈ [0,β], consider the problem (P) { ∂²z/(∂t∂x) = f(t, x, z, ∂z/∂t, ∂z/∂x, ∂²z/(∂t∂x)), $z(t,0) = ϑ_{ℝ^n}$, $z(0,x)=∫_0^x u₀(s)ds$, ∂²z(0,x)/(∂t∂x) = v₀(x). In this paper we prove that, under suitable assumptions, problem (P) has at least one classical solution that is local in the first variable and global in the other. As a consequence, we obtain a generalization of a result by P. Hartman and A. Wintner ([4], Theorem 1).


  • Salvatore Marano

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