Non-parallel plane Rayleigh Benard convection in cylindrical geometry

Tom 23 / 1995

A. Golbabai Applicationes Mathematicae 23 (1995), 25-36 DOI: 10.4064/am-23-1-25-36


This paper considers the effect of a perturbed wall in regard to the classical Benard convection problem in which the lower rigid surface is of the form $z=ε^2 g(s)$, s=ε r, in axisymmetric cylindrical polar coordinates (r,ϕ,z). The boundary conditions at s=0 for the linear amplitude equation are found and it is shown that these conditions are different from those which apply to the nonlinear problem investigated by Brown and Stewartson [1], representing the distribution of convection cells near the center.


  • A. Golbabai

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