A recursive robust Bayesian estimation in partially observed financial market

Tom 34 / 2007

Jianhui Huang Applicationes Mathematicae 34 (2007), 237-252 MSC: 60G35, 60J60, 62M05, 62P05, 91B28, 91B70. DOI: 10.4064/am34-2-8


I propose a nonlinear Bayesian methodology to estimate the latent states which are partially observed in financial market. The distinguishable character of my methodology is that the recursive Bayesian estimation can be represented by some deterministic partial differential equation (PDE) (or evolution equation in the general case) parameterized by the underlying observation path. Unlike the traditional stochastic filtering equation, this dynamical representation is continuously dependent on the underlying observation path and thus it is robust to the modeling errors. Moreover, its advantages in financial econometrics are also discussed.


  • Jianhui HuangDepartment of Statistics
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, AB, Canada T6G 2G1

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