Topics in Equisingularity Theory

Christophe EyralIMPAN Lecture Notes, Vol. 3, IMPAN, Warszawa, 2016, ISBN 978-83-86806-32-4, 100 pp.

About the book: 
This book is an introduction to equisingularity theory through a specific problem, namely the famous Zariski multiplicity conjecture. This conjecture says that the multiplicity of a reduced complex hypersurface singularity is an embedded topological in-variant. Motivated by this problem, the book aims to present a number of major advances in equisingularity theory over the last five decades. A special emphasis is placed on recent developments on non-isolated singularities.

About the author: 
Christophe Eyral is Associate Professor at the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. His research interests are in singularity theory, algebraic geometry and topology, with the main focus on the geometry and topology of complex singularities.

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