The Regulations of the Contest
 for young mathematicians
 for the best paper presented
 at the Conference on the Applications of Mathematics

  1. The participation in the Contest is open for those who, on the 1st January of the year in which the Conference is held, have not yet turned 32.
  2. In order to take part in the Contest, one has to fill in the registration form which is available on the website of the Conference and send it to the Organisational Committee. A participant should send a summary of the paper within the period fixed in the announcement No 1, and also, before the beginning of the Conference, an extended version of the paper (e.g. preprint. copy). 
  3. After familiarizing with the topics of the registered papers, the Program Council appoints the jury of the Contest.
  4. The members of the jury are present during the presentation of the participants of the Contest and then assess them taking into consideration:
    1. the quality of obtained results,
    2. clear formulation of the problem,
    3. transparent presentation of the solution,
    4. correctness of the paper’s organization,
    5. correct use of language,
    6. diligence in preparing materials,
    7. appropriate use of time allocated for the presentation,
    8. communicativeness in discussion.
  5. The jury’s verdict is announced during gala dinner.

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