HRS4R steering committee (18.10.2022)

  1. dr hab. Maciej Borodzik- Scientific Director - Chairman
  2. Edyta Momot - Administration Manager
  3. prof.Bronisław Jakubczyk.- Chairman of the Committee of Employment and Scientific Assessment of Employees
  4. dr hab Tomasz Adamowicz - Head of doctoral studies
  5. Monika Zysk - HR

Working Group responsible for the implementation of HRS4R (18.10.2022)

  1. dr hab. Masha Vlasenko - Chairman
  2. dr hab. Tomasz Adamowicz
  3. dr hab. Jarosław Mederski
  4. Mariola Iżycka- Secretarial Office
  5. Arkadiusz Jasiński - Projects Specialist
  6. Jakub Skrzeczkowski - PhD student
  7. Marcin Gryszówka - PhD student

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