Online and hybrid conferences in the Banach Center

For conferences both in Będlewo and in Warsaw, we currently offer the following support and possibilities for online and hybrid activities:

- assisting the organizers in using a large-meeting ZOOM license (e.g., distributing relevant ZOOM links to the participants) to host lectures and to record them in the Banach Center ZOOM cloud;
- uploading recorded lectures to the conference playlist at the Banach Center YouTube channel;
- making available professional graphic tablets for on-site lecturers to stream local lectures to external participants, and appropriate video equipment to transmit lectures given externally;
- creating the website of a meeting and assisting in running it;
- making an event poster with the QR code for the event website.    

We request that the organizers appoint in advance a contact person responsible for communicating with the Banach Center Office regarding all online aspects of their meeting.

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