• 110. Geometry of Jets and Fields
    in honour of Professor Janusz Grabowski
  • 111. Topological Quantum Groups
  • 112. Études opératorielles
  • 113. 50th Seminar “Sophus Lie”
  • 114. Advanced School on Topological Quantum Field Theory
  • 115. Simons Semester in Banach Center, 2015
  • 116. Phenomenological Approach to Algebraic Geometry
  • 117. Geometry of Lagrangian Grassmannians and Nonlinear PDEs
  • 118. Number Theory Week 2017
  • 119. Function Spaces XII
  • 120. Quantum Dynamics
    dedicated to Professor Paul Baum
  • 121. Algebra, Logic and Number Theory
    Proceedings of the 5th Joint Conferences on Algebra, Logic and Number Theory
    June 24–29, 2018, Będlewo
  • 122. Stochastic Modeling and Control
  • 123. Homotopy Algebras, Deformation Theory and Quantization
  • 124. Arithmetic Methods in Mathematical Physics and Biology II
    Będlewo, August 5–11, 2018
  • $Q$-spaces, perfect spaces and related cardinal characteristics of the continuum
    Taras Banakh, Lidiya Bazylevych
  • A note on the Freese–Nation property and topological games
    Judyta Bąk
  • Semifractals from multifunctions on product spaces and generalized iterated function systems
    Grzegorz Guzik
  • Asymptotic properties for a class of difference inclusions associated with iterated function systems
    Grzegorz Guzik, Grzegorz Kleszcz
  • A survey on iterations in rings of formal power series in one indeterminate
    Wojciech Jabłoński
  • Split square and split carpet as examples of non-metrizable IFS attractors
    Krzysztof Leśniak, Magdalena Nowak
  • Strongly-Fibred Iterated Function Systems and the Barnsley–Vince triangle
    Krzysztof Leśniak, Nina Snigireva, Filip Strobin
  • Free group of Hamel functions
    Mateusz Lichman, Michał Pawlikowski, Szymon Smolarek, Jarosław Swaczyna
  • The Hutchinson–Barnsley theory for generalized iterated function systems by means of infinite iterated function systems
    Elismar R. Oliveira
  • Group actions on Polish spaces
    Robert Rałowski, Szymon Żeberski
  • How much can we extend the Assouad embedding theorem?
    Filip Turoboś, Oleksiy Dovgoshey

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