On the Leibniz congruences

Tom 28 / 1993

Josep Font Banach Center Publications 28 (1993), 17-36 DOI: 10.4064/-28-1-17-36


The aim of this paper is to discuss the motivation for a new general algebraic semantics for deductive systems, to introduce it, and to present an outline of its main features. Some tools from the theory of abstract logics are also introduced, and two classifications of deductive systems are analysed: one is based on the behaviour of the Leibniz congruence (the maximum congruence of a logical matrix) and the other on the behaviour of the Frege operator (which associates to every theory the interderivability relation modulo the theory). For protoalgebraic deductive systems the class of algebras associated in general turns out to be the class of algebra reducts of reduced matrices, which is the algebraic counterpart usually considered for this large class of deductive systems; but in the general case the new class of algebras shows a better behaviour.


  • Josep Font

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