Particles, phases, fields

Tom 37 / 1996

L. Wojtczak, A. Urbaniak-Kucharczyk, I. Zasada, J. Rutkowski Banach Center Publications 37 (1996), 351-360 DOI: 10.4064/-37-1-351-360


The physical properties of particles and phasesare considered in connection with their description by means of the deformation of space-time. The analogy between particle trajectories and phase boundaries is discussed. The geometry and its curvature is related to the Clifford algebraic structure whose construction in terms of the theory of deformation leads to the expected solutions for correlation functions referring to spectroscopy and scattering problems. The stochastic nature of space-time is reflected by fluctuations of distances and time intervals.


  • L. Wojtczak
  • A. Urbaniak-Kucharczyk
  • I. Zasada
  • J. Rutkowski

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