On the growth of the resolvent operators for power bounded operators

Tom 38 / 1997

Olavi Nevanlinna Banach Center Publications 38 (1997), 247-264 DOI: 10.4064/-38-1-247-264


Outline. In this paper I discuss some quantitative aspects related to power bounded operators T and to the decay of $T^{n}(T-1)$. For background I refer to two recent surveys J. Zemánek [1994], C. J. K. Batty [1994]. Here I try to complement these two surveys in two different directions. First, if the decay of $T^{n}(T-1)$ is as fast as O(1/n) then quite strong conclusions can be made. The situation can be thought of as a discrete version of analytic semigroups; I try to motivate this in Section 1 by demonstrating the similarity and lack of it between power boundedness of T and uniform boundedness of $e^{t(cT-1)}$ where c is a constant of modulus 1 and t > 0. Section 2 then contains the main result in this direction. I became interested in studying the quantitative aspects of the decay of $T^{n}(T-1)$ since it can be used as a simple model for what happens in the early phase of an iterative method (O. Nevanlinna [1993]). Secondly, the so called Kreiss matrix theorem relates bounds for the powers to bounds for the resolvent. The estimate is proportional to the dimension of the space and thus has as such no generalization to operators. However, qualitatively such a result holds in Banach spaces e.g. for Riesz operators: if the resolvent satisfies the resolvent condition, then the operator is power bounded operator (but without an estimate). I introduce in Section 3 a growth function for bounded operators. This allows one to obtain a result of the form: if the resolvent condition holds and if the growth function is finite at 1, then the powers are bounded and can be estimated. In Section 4 in addition to the Kreiss matrix theorem, two other applications of the growth function are given.


  • Olavi Nevanlinna

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