On Hadwiger's problem on inner parallel bodies

Tom 84 / 2009

Eugenia Saorín Banach Center Publications 84 (2009), 121-129 MSC: Primary 52A20, 52A39; Secondary 52A40. DOI: 10.4064/bc84-0-8


We consider the problem of classifying the convex bodies in the 3-dimensional space depending on the differentiability of their associated quermassintegrals with respect to the one-parameter-depending family given by the inner/outer parallel bodies. It turns out that this problem is closely related to some behavior of the roots of the 3-dimensional Steiner polynomial.


  • Eugenia SaorínDepartamento de Matemáticas
    Universidad de Murcia
    Campus de Espinardo
    30100 Murcia, Spain

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