Extremal selections of multifunctions generating a continuous flow

Tom 60 / 1994

Alberto Bressan, Graziano Crasta Annales Polonici Mathematici 60 (1994), 101-117 DOI: 10.4064/ap-60-2-101-117


Let $F:[0,T] × ℝ^n → 2^{ℝ^n}$ be a continuous multifunction with compact, not necessarily convex values. In this paper, we prove that, if F satisfies the following Lipschitz Selection Property: (LSP) For every t,x, every y ∈ c̅o̅F(t,x) and ε > 0, there exists a Lipschitz selection ϕ of c̅o̅F, defined on a neighborhood of (t,x), with |ϕ(t,x)-y| < ε, then there exists a measurable selection f of ext F such that, for every x₀, the Cauchy problem ẋ(t) = f(t,x(t)), x(0) = x₀, has a unique Carathéodory solution, depending continuously on x₀. We remark that every Lipschitz multifunction with compact values satisfies (LSP). Another interesting class for which (LSP) holds consists of those continuous multifunctions F whose values are compact and have convex closure with nonempty interior.


  • Alberto Bressan
  • Graziano Crasta

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