On least squares estimation of Fourier coefficients and of the regression function

Tom 22 / 1993

Waldemar Popiński Applicationes Mathematicae 22 (1993), 91-102 DOI: 10.4064/am-22-1-91-102


The problem of nonparametric function fitting with the observation model $y_i = f(x_i) + η_i$, i=1,...,n, is considered, where $η_i$ are independent random variables with zero mean value and finite variance, and $x_i \in [a,b] \subset \R^1$, i=1,...,n, form a random sample from a distribution with density $ϱ \in L^1[a,b]$ and are independent of the errors $η_i$, i=1,...,n. The asymptotic properties of the estimator $\widehat{f}_{N(n)}(x) = \sum_{k=1}^{N(n)} \widehat{c}_ke_k(x)$ for $f \in L^2[a,b]$ and $\widehat{c}^{N(n)}=( \widehat{c}_1,..., \widehat{c}_{N(n)})^T$ obtained by the least squares method as well as the limits in probability of the estimators $\widehat{c}_k$, k=1,...,N, for fixed N, are studied in the case when the functions $e_k$, k=1,2,..., forming a complete orthonormal system in $L^2\[a,b\]$ are analytic.


  • Waldemar Popiński

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