A frictionless contact problem for elastic-viscoplastic materials with internal state variable

Tom 40 / 2013

Lynda Selmani Applicationes Mathematicae 40 (2013), 1-20 MSC: Primary 74M15; Secondary 74C10. DOI: 10.4064/am40-1-1


We study a mathematical model for frictionless contact between an elastic-viscoplastic body and a foundation. We model the material with a general elastic-viscoplastic constitutive law with internal state variable and the contact with a normal compliance condition. We derive a variational formulation of the model. We establish existence and uniqueness of a weak solution, using general results on first order nonlinear evolution equations with monotone operators and fixed point arguments. Finally, we study the dependence of the solution on perturbations of contact conditions and prove a convergence result.


  • Lynda SelmaniDepartment of Mathematics
    University of Setif
    19000 Setif, Algeria

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