On Ditkin sets

Tom 69 / 1996

T. Muraleedharan, K. Parthasarathy Colloquium Mathematicum 69 (1996), 271-274 DOI: 10.4064/cm-69-2-271-274


In the study of spectral synthesis S-sets and C-sets (see Rudin [3]; Reiter [2] uses the terminology Wiener sets and Wiener-Ditkin sets respectively) have been discussed extensively. A new concept of Ditkin sets was introduced and studied by Stegeman in [4] so that, in Reiter's terminology, Wiener-Ditkin sets are precisely sets which are both Wiener sets and Ditkin sets. The importance of such sets in spectral synthesis and their connection to the C-set-S-set problem (see Rudin [3]) are mentioned there. In this paper we study local properties, unions and intersections of Ditkin sets. (Warning: Usually in the literature "Ditkin set" means "C-set", but we follow the terminology of Stegeman.) Our results include: (i) if each point of a closed set E has a closed relative Ditkin neighbourhood, then E is a Ditkin set; (ii) any closed countable union of Ditkin sets is a Ditkin set; (iii) if $E_1 ∩ E_2$ is a Ditkin set, then $E_1 ∩ E_2$ is a Ditkin set if and only if $E_1$ and $E_2$ are Ditkin sets; and (iv) if $E_1, E_2$ are Ditkin sets with disjoint boundaries then $E_1 ∩ E_2$ is a Ditkin set.


  • T. Muraleedharan
  • K. Parthasarathy

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