The uniqueness of Haar measure and set theory

Tom 74 / 1997

Piotr Zakrzewski Colloquium Mathematicum 74 (1997), 109-121 DOI: 10.4064/cm-74-1-109-121


Let G be a group of homeomorphisms of a nondiscrete, locally compact, σ-compact topological space X and suppose that a Haar measure on X exists: a regular Borel measure μ, positive on nonempty open sets, finite on compact sets and invariant under the homeomorphisms from G. Under some mild assumptions on G and X we prove that the measure completion of μ is the unique, up to a constant factor, nonzero, σ-finite, G-invariant measure defined on its domain iff μ is ergodic and the G-orbits of all points of X are uncountable. In particular, this is true if either G is a locally compact, σ-compact topological group acting continuously on X, or the space X is uniform and nonseparable, and G consists of uniformly equicontinuous unimorphisms of X.


  • Piotr Zakrzewski

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