Subdirect decompositions of algebras from 2-clone extensions of varieties

Tom 77 / 1998

J. Płonka Colloquium Mathematicum 77 (1998), 189-199 DOI: 10.4064/cm-77-2-189-199


Let τ:F → ℕ be a type of algebras, where F is a set of fundamental operation symbols and ℕ is the set of nonnegative integers. We assume that |F|≥2 and 0 ∉ (F). For a term φ of type τ we denote by F(φ) the set of fundamental operation symbols from F occurring in φ. An identity φ ≉ ψ of type τ is called clone compatible if φ and ψ are the same variable or F(φ)=F(ψ)≠$\emptyset$. For a variety V of type τ we denote by $V^{c,2}$ the variety of type τ defined by all identities φ ≉ ψ from Id(V) which are either clone compatible or |F(φ)|, |F(ψ)|≥2. Under some assumption on terms (condition (0.iii)) we show that an algebra ${\gt A}$ belongs to $V^{c,2}$ iff it is isomorphic to a subdirect product of an algebra from V and of some other algebras of very simple structure. This result is applied to finding subdirectly irreducible algebras in $V^{c,2}$ where V is the variety of distributive lattices or the variety of Boolean algebras.


  • J. Płonka

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