Infinite ergodic index $ℤ^d$ -actions in infinite measure

Tom 82 / 1999

E. Muehlegger, A. Raich, C. Silva, M. Touloumtzis, B. Narasimhan, W. Zhao Colloquium Mathematicum 82 (1999), 167-190 DOI: 10.4064/cm-82-2-167-190


We construct infinite measure preserving and nonsingular rank one $ℤ^d$-actions. The first example is ergodic infinite measure preserving but with nonergodic, infinite conservative index, basis transformations; in this case we exhibit sets of increasing finite and infinite measure which are properly exhaustive and weakly wandering. The next examples are staircase rank one infinite measure preserving $ℤ^d$-actions; for these we show that the individual basis transformations have conservative ergodic Cartesian products of all orders, hence infinite ergodic index. We generalize this example to obtain a stronger condition called power weakly mixing. The last examples are nonsingular $ℤ^d$-actions for each Krieger ratio set type with individual basis transformations with similar properties.


  • E. Muehlegger
  • A. Raich
  • C. Silva
  • M. Touloumtzis
  • B. Narasimhan
  • W. Zhao

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