Quelques espaces fonctionnels associés à des processus gaussiens

Tom 107 / 1993

Z. Ciesielski Studia Mathematica 107 (1993), 171-204 DOI: 10.4064/sm-107-2-171-204


The first part of the paper presents results on Gaussian measures supported by general Banach sequence spaces and by particular spaces of Besov-Orlicz type. In the second part, a new constructive isomorphism between the just mentioned sequence spaces and corresponding function spaces is established. Consequently, some results on the support function spaces for the Gaussian measure corresponding to the fractional Brownian motion are proved. Next, an application to stochastic equations is given. The last part of the paper contains a result on the support function spaces for stable processes with independent increments.


  • Z. Ciesielski

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