Montel and reflexive preduals of spaces of holomorphic functions on Fréchet spaces

Tom 107 / 1993

Christopher Boyd Studia Mathematica 107 (1993), 305-315 DOI: 10.4064/sm-107-3-305-315


For U open in a locally convex space E it is shown in [31] that there is a complete locally convex space G(U) such that $G(U)'_i = (ℋ (U),τ_δ)$. Here, we assume U is balanced open in a Fréchet space and give necessary and sufficient conditions for G(U) to be Montel and reflexive. These results give an insight into the relationship between the $τ_0$ and $τ_ω$ topologies on ℋ (U).


  • Christopher Boyd

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