On the characterization of Hardy-Besov spaces on the dyadic group and its applications

Tom 110 / 1994

Jun Tateoka Studia Mathematica 110 (1994), 127-148 DOI: 10.4064/sm-110-2-127-148


C. Watari [12] obtained a simple characterization of Lipschitz classes $Lip^{(p)}α(W) (1 ≥ p ≥ ∞, α > 0)$ on the dyadic group using the $L^p$-modulus of continuity and the best approximation by Walsh polynomials. Onneweer and Weiyi [4] characterized homogeneous Besov spaces $B^α_{p,q}$ on locally compact Vilenkin groups, but there are still some gaps to be filled up. Our purpose is to give the characterization of Besov spaces $B^α_{p,q}$ by oscillations, atoms and others on the dyadic groups. As applications, we show a strong capacity inequality of the type of the Maz'ya inequality, a weak type estimate for maximal Cesàro means and a sufficient condition of absolute convergence of Walsh-Fourier series.


  • Jun Tateoka

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