A characterization of probability measures by f-moments

Tom 118 / 1996

K. Urbanik Studia Mathematica 118 (1996), 185-204 DOI: 10.4064/sm-118-2-185-204


Given a real-valued continuous function ƒ on the half-line [0,∞) we denote by P*(ƒ) the set of all probability measures μ on [0,∞) with finite ƒ-moments $ʃ_{0}^{∞} ƒ(x)μ^{*n}(dx)$ (n = 1,2...). A function ƒ is said to have the identification property} if probability measures from P*(ƒ) are uniquely determined by their ƒ-moments. A function ƒ is said to be a Bernstein function} if it is infinitely differentiable on the open half-line (0,∞) and $(-1)^{n} ƒ^{(n+1)}(x)$ is completely monotone for some nonnegative integer n. The purpose of this paper is to give a necessary and sufficient condition in terms of the representing measures for Bernstein functions to have the identification property.


  • K. Urbanik

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