On Mackey topology for groups

Tom 132 / 1999

M. Chasco, E. Martín-Peinador, V. Tarieladze Studia Mathematica 132 (1999), 257-284 DOI: 10.4064/sm-132-3-257-284


The present paper is a contribution to fill in a gap existing between the theory of topological vector spaces and that of topological abelian groups. Topological vector spaces have been extensively studied as part of Functional Analysis. It is natural to expect that some important and elegant theorems about topological vector spaces may have analogous versions for abelian topological groups. The main obstruction to get such versions is probably the lack of the notion of convexity in the framework of groups. However, the introduction of quasi-convex sets and locally quasi-convex groups by Vilenkin [26] and the work of Banaszczyk [1] have paved the way to obtain theorems of this nature. We study here the group topologies compatible with a given duality. We have obtained, among others, the following result: for a complete metrizable topological abelian group, there always exists a finest locally quasi-convex topology with the same set of continuous characters as the original topology. We also give a description of this topology as an S-topology and we prove that, for the additive group of a complete metrizable topological vector space, it coincides with the ordinary Mackey topology.


  • M. Chasco
  • E. Martín-Peinador
  • V. Tarieladze

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