June 28, 11:00
AM2Population Dynamics
UA1Ecosystems Dynamics
UA3Medical Physiology
AM1Mathematical models [#26]
AM3Analysis of mathemat[#40]
Analysis of mathematical models for cancer growth and treatment, Part I (Urszula Ledzewicz,Alberto d'Onofrio)
  1. Avner Friedman: The development of fingers in solid tumors
  2. Miguel A. Herrero: Wave propagation and tumour growth
  3. Anna Marciniak-Czochra: Dynamics of pattern formation in the models of early cancerogenesis
  4. Alberto d'Onofrio: The noisy life of tumors
  5. Mary Ann Horn: Using mathematical modeling to understanding the role of diacylglycerol (DAG) as a second messenger
AM4Modeling and analysi[#30]
Modeling and analysis of tumor invasion I (Haralampos Hatzikirou,Andreas Deutsch,Arnaud Chauviere)
  1. Andreas Deutsch: Analyzing emergent behaviour in cellular automaton models of cancer invasion
  2. Haralampos Hatzikirou: Mechanisms of glioma tumor invasion
  3. Caterina Guiot: Lumped models for tumor progression
  4. Georgios Lolas: The Lymphatic Vascular System in Lymphangiogenesis, Invasion and Metastasis: A Mathematical Approach
AM7Multiscale modelling[#66]
AM8Mathematical Modelin[#14]
AM9Plants, growth and t[#12]
SP1From one to many: Ce[#34]
UA2Game theoretical mod[#8]
June 28, 14:30
AM1Ecosystems Dynamics
AM2Population Dynamics
AM7Cellular Systems Bio
AM3Analysis of mathemat[#41]
AM4Modeling and analysi[#31]
AM8Game theoretical mod[#9]
AM9Plants, growth and t[#13]
Plants, growth and transport processes II (Andrés Chavarría-Krauser,Mariya Ptashnyk)
  1. Vitaly Volpert: Nonlinear dynamics of plant growth
  2. Leah Band: Modelling hormone-regulated plant root growth
  3. Rosemary Dyson: The mechanics of plant root growth
  4. Robert Nolet: Existence of solutions for the diffusive VSC model
  5. Andrés Chavarría-Krauser: A model of membrane flow and cytosis regulation in growing pollen tubes
CP1From one to many: Ce[#35]
SP1Structure and Dynami[#61]
UA1Vector-borne disease[#1]
UA2Multiscale modelling[#16]
June 28, 17:00
AM1Ecosystems Dynamics
AM2Population Dynamics
AM4Regulatory Networks
AM7Cellular Systems Bio
AM3Analysis of mathemat[#42]
AM8Modeling of immune r[#49]
AM9Mathematical models [#71]
CP1Connecting microscal[#4]
SP1Structure and Dynami[#62]
UA1Modeling viral hepat[#17]
UA2Models in Spatial Ec[#37]
UA3Modeling Dynamics of[#15]
June 29, 08:30
AM1Evolutionary Ecology
AM2Population Dynamics
AM7Genetics and Genomic
UA1Bioinformatics and S
AM3Analysis of mathemat[#43]
AM4Multi-scale mathemat[#87]
AM8Mathematical Models [#56]
AM9Semigroups of Operat[#82]
CP1Mathematical modelin[#67]
SP1Modeling viral hepat[#18]
UA3Mathematical modelin[#92]
June 29, 11:00
AM1Evolutionary Ecology
AM2Population Dynamics
UA1Bioinformatics and S
AM3Analysis of mathemat[#44]
AM4Multiscale mathemati[#20]
Multiscale mathematics of liver: bridging molecular systems biology to virtual physiological human scale (Dirk Drasdo,Stefan Hoehme)
  1. Peter Hunter: Modelling infrastructure for the VPH/Physiome project
  2. Hermann-Georg Holzhuetter: Mathematical modeling liver metabolism – do we need a multi-scale approach
  3. Stefan Hoehme: Regeneration after partial hepatectomy: from cell to organ scale
  4. Tim Ricken: A biphasic Finitee-Element-Model for Sinusoidal Liver Perfusion Remodeling
AM7Crowd Dynamics: Mode[#64]
AM8Mathematical Models [#57]
AM9Biofluids, Solute Tr[#39]
CP1Mathematical modelin[#68]
CP2Epidemics of Neglect[#36]
Epidemics of Neglected Tropical Diseases (Roberto Kraenkel)
  1. Lourdes Esteva: Modelling Chagas' Disease
  2. Claudia Ferreira: Modelling the dynamics of dengue real epidemics
  3. Roberto Kraenkel: A model for malaria with ecological components
SP1B and T cell immune [#54]
UA2Modeling physiologic[#6]
UA3Mathematical modelin[#93]
June 29, 14:30
AM1Evolutionary Ecology
AM2Population Dynamics
AM3Population Genetics
UA1Bioinformatics and S
AM4The dynamics of inte[#85]
AM5Epidemic models: Net[#32]
AM7Crowd Dynamics: Mode[#65]
AM8Modeling of immune r[#50]
AM9Stem cells and cance[#60]
CP1Fractals and Complex[#88]
CP2Heart rate dynamics:[#27]
SP1Mechanical Models of[#78]
UA2Stochastic models in[#74]
UA3Undergraduate Biomat[#72]
June 29, 17:00
AM1Developmental Biolog
AM3Population Genetics
UA1Bioinformatics and S
AM4The dynamics of inte[#86]
AM5Modelling biofilms: [#91]
AM7Moving Organisms: Fr[#81]
AM8Modeling of immune r[#51]
AM9Applications of nonn[#29]
Applications of nonnegative Radon measure spaces with metric structure to population dynamic models (Piotr Gwiazda,Anna Marciniak-Czochra)
  1. Jose A. Carrillo: On some kinetic models of swarming
  2. Piotr Gwiazda: Mertics on the space of the measures and transport equation
  3. Gael Raoul: Structured population models for evolution
  4. Agnieszka Ulikowska: Two-sex, age-structured population model
  5. Grzegorz Jamróz: Measure-transmission conditions - a powerful tool in modeling bimodal dynamics
CP1Fractals and Complex[#89]
CP2Heart rate dynamics:[#28]
SP1Mechanical Models of[#79]
UA2Statistical methods [#19]
UA3Turing !! Turing?? o[#45]
June 30, 11:30
AM1Evolutionary Ecology
AM2Population Dynamics
AM3Developmental Biolog
AM7Cellular Systems Bio
AM8Cell and Tissue Biop
AM4Bridging the Divide:[#21]
AM9Epidemic models: Net[#33]
July 1, 14:30
AM1Evolutionary Ecology
AM2Regulatory Networks
AM3Population Genetics
AM5Cell and Tissue Biop/Ne
AM6Population Dynamics
AM7Developmental Biolog
AM4Delay Differential E[#24]
AM9Ecology and evolutio[#7]
July 2, 08:30
AM1Mechanics of the cyt[#80]
Mechanics of the cytoskeleton and cortical actin at the cellular level (Wanda Strychalski,Guillaume Salbreux)
  1. Guillaume Salbreux: Role of the polar actin cortex in cytokinesis
  2. Andrew Harris: Measuring the mechanical properties of cell monolayers
  3. Jean-François Joanny: Cortical actin and cell instabilities
  4. Sundar Naganathan: Actin binding proteins govern the range of polarizing cortical flows in C. elegans zygotes
  5. Wanda Strychalski: Computational explorations of cellular blebbing
AM3Information, human b[#58]
AM4Multiscale modeling [#10]
AM5Undergraduate Biomat[#73]
AM6Fluid-structure inte[#48]
AM7The emergence of res[#5]
AM8Modelling dengue fev[#2]
AM9Modeling of collecti[#55]
CP1Statistical Analysis[#46]
CP3Delay Differential E[#23]
Delay Differential Equations and Applications II (Urszula Foryś,Monika Joanna Piotrowska)
  1. Hassan Hbid: Delay in Structured Population Models
  2. Samuel Bernard: Distributed delays stabilize negative feedback loops
  3. Marek Bodnar: Delay can stabilise: population and love affairs dynamics
  4. Monika Piotrowska: Gompertz model with time delays
  5. Antoni Leon Dawidowicz: Mathematical model of bioenergetic process in green plants with delayed argument
CP4Cell migration durin[#38]
SP1Modeling of immune r[#52]
Modeling of immune responses and calcium signaling IV (Tomasz Lipniacki,Bogdan Kaźmierczak,Marek Kimmel)
  1. Jacek Miekisz: Simple stochastic models of gene regulation
  2. Paulina Szymanska: Modeling of self-regulating gene
  3. Jakub Pekalski: Positive feedback in NF-kappaB signaling
  4. Michał Komorowski: Quantification of noise in signalling systems - importance of controlled signal degradation
  5. Martin Falcke: How does single channel behavior cause cellular Ca2+ spiking?
July 2, 11:00
AM1Developmental Biolog
AM2Population Dynamics
AM5Cell and Tissue Biop
AM6Regulatory Networks
AM7Cellular Systems Bio
AM3Information, human b[#59]
AM4Multiscale modeling [#11]
Multiscale modeling of biological systems: from physical tools to applications in cancer modeling II (Arnaud Chauviere,Haralampos Hatzikirou,John Lowengrub)
  1. Cristian Vasile Achim: Phase field Crystal Model for Liquid Crystals
  2. Isabell Graf: Homogenization of a reaction-diffusion system modeling carcino- gens inside a human cell
  3. Simon Praetorius: Applications of phase field and phase field crystal models in biological systems
  4. Arnaud Chauviere: Multiscale modeling of biological systems
AM8Epidemiology, Eco-Ep[#84]
Epidemiology, Eco-Epidemiology and Evolution (Ezio Venturino,Nico Stollenwerk)
  1. Ezio Venturino: On an age- and stage-dependent epidemic model
  2. Caterina Guiot: Multi-scale modelling of human sleep
  3. Philip Gerrish: Genomic mutation rates that cause extinction: general evolutionary predictions
  4. Jordi Ripoll: An epidemic model on computer networks
  5. Nico Stollenwerk: Chaos and noise in population biology
AM9Semigroups of Operat[#83]
CP1Statistical Analysis[#47]
CP2Mathematical modelli[#90]
Mathematical modelling of physiological processes in patients on dialysis (Jacek Waniewski)
  1. Daniel Schneditz: Physiology-based approach to modeling of dialysis
  2. Joanna Stachowska-Piętka: Mathematical modeling of peritoneal dialysis
  3. Roman Cherniha: New exact solutions of mathematical models describing peritoneal transport
  4. Magda Galach: Modeling of glucose-insulin system in patients on dialysis
  5. Malgorzata Debowska: Compartmental modeling and adequacy of dialysis
CP3Recent advances in i[#76]
CP4Computational toxico[#69]
SP1Modeling of immune r[#53]
July 2, 14:30
AM2Population Dynamics
AM1Systems Biology of D[#94]
AM3Noisy Cells[#75]
AM4Reports from US - Af[#25]
AM6Mathematical Modelli[#63]
AM7Recent developments [#3]
AM8Bridging Time Scales[#22]
AM9Recent advances in i[#77]