Admission procedures

Admission procedures 2018 for PhD studies

PhD studies admission for the academic year 2018/19 is open. The application deadline is May 31, 2018. The dates of entrance exams will soon be announced.

  1. The candidates are divided into two groups:
    • First group
      • Candidates who are not graduates of any University in Warsaw.
    • Second group
      • Other candidates.
  2. The candidates pertaining to the first group are asked to send the following pdf files to the address email:
    • Application for admission to the PhD programme or application for admission to the PhD programme and for the doctoral scholarship
    • Academic CV
    • Scan of the Transcript of Records or of the (Master's or equivalent) Diploma Supplement
    • Cover letter
    • Master's thesis
    • Publications (not compulsory).

Moreover, candidates should ask an individual researcher (working in mathematics or related field), e.g. previous supervisor, for sending a reference letter to the address email by May 31, 2018.

  1. The candidates pertaining to the first group are asked to register in the IRK UW (Warsaw University) system and submit documents in this system. At the same time, please confirm your request by email.
  2. Additional questions should be directed to the PhD office: (22) 5228 101, or to the PhD studies coordinator: email.

General admission procedures

  1. A candidate to the doctoral program must hold a master's degree or an equivalent degree.
  2. The admission process is run by the Doctoral Coordinating Committee at IM PAN which serves as the Admission Committee. This Committee makes decisions concerning the admissions to the Program.
  3. The decision of the Committee can be appealed to the Director of IM PAN within fourteen days. The basis of the appeal can only be an indication that the rules of the admission process were not followed. The decision of the Director is final.
  4. The results of the admission process are non-confidential.
  5. The admission process includes two stages:
    • submitting the documents which will be provisionally analysed by the Committee,
    • an interview (oral exam) before the Committee, whose requirements and rules are defined here or here. It is expected that the candidate is familiar with basic definitions, theorems, proof methods of many parts of mathematatics and can easily converse about them.
    Foreign candidates may be exempt from the interview especially if they have a written doctoral project prepared with a potential supervisor from IM PAN. The interview can be taken over the internet in English or other language accepted by the doctoral committee.
  6. A necessary condition of admitting a candidate for the first year of the program is passing the exam/interview.

General procedures for awarding the doctoral scholarship of IM PAN

  1. A doctoral student may be awarded the doctoral scholarship of IM PAN
  2. The decision about awarding the scholarship is taken by the Director of IM PAN based on student's aplication and taking into account the opinion of the Doctoral Coordinating Committee.
  3. For the first year students the opinon of the committee is based on the interview, for students of the later years, the opinion is based on the coursework, the research results and the progress towards the doctoral thesis.

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