Rules of financing the Banach Center conferences, schools, research groups etc. for 2022

The support for conferences, workshops and schools accepted by the International Scientific Council of the Banach Center and held in Warsaw or Będlewo, consists of covering of up to 25-50% of the basic local costs. These are computed in terms of the fixed rate, set for 2023-2024 as 240 PLN per day per person.
Banach Center currently does not support meetings organised in other places.

The decision on how the contribution of the Banach Center is to be specifically spent is left to the organisers, and should be mentioned in the application, together with the precise financial plan of the event; but in the case of meetings in Warsaw the preferred way of providing the support will consist of covering the (partial) cost of the accommodation at IMPAN. The actual support granted may be related to the scientific evaluation of the planned event conducted by the International Scientific Council of the Banach Center. 

The organizers are kindly requested to reserve hotel rooms in sufficient advance and to inform the Banach Center in Warsaw and the staff in Będlewo about substantial changes in the number of  participants in comparison with the number already announced. The organizers must submit the financial and scientific reports to the Banach Center within 30 days after the end of the supported event.  Then the total number of person/days used to compute the support of the Banach Center will be compared to the daily lists of stays, confirmed by the center hosting the conference.    

Currently up to about 120 participants can be accommodated in the Będlewo complex. We also offer 3 lecture rooms with appropriate equipment (blackboards, projectors etc.), poster facilities, and Internet connection, facilitating running hybrid events. A nice park surrounds the complex. The Center can provide additional service (like organizing transportation, banquets, bonfires, excursions etc.). 

Support for research groups, mini-workshops and other events with the number of participants not exceeding 20, and also for exceptional local events, depends on the individual decision of the Deputy Director of IMPAN responsible for the Banach Center, confirmed by the Board of Directors of IMPAN. It will be based on the scientific level of the event, realistically justified costs presented in the detailed financial plan, and the current abilities of the BC. 

In case of small research groups, up to 5 people, the support can reach up to 80% of basic local costs.

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