On various types of viscous two-fluid flows

Tom 81 / 2008

Jürgen Socolowsky Banach Center Publications 81 (2008), 481-491 MSC: Primary 35Q30; Secondary 35R35, 76D03. DOI: 10.4064/bc81-0-30


Viscous two-fluid flows arise in different kinds of coating technologies. Frequently, the corresponding mathematical models represent two-dimensional free boundary value problems for the Navier-Stokes equations or their modifications. In this review article we present some results about nonisothermal stationary as well as about isothermal evolutionary viscous flow problems. The temperature-depending problems are characterized by coupled heat- and mass transfer and also by thermocapillary convection. The solvability of two related problems is discussed. Also, an evolutionary problem on the viscous (isothermal) flow of two connected fluids down an inclined plane is investigated.


  • Jürgen SocolowskyEngineering Department – Mathematics Group
    University of Applied Sciences
    P.O. Box 2132
    D-14737 Brandenburg/Havel, Germany

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