Marcinkiewicz spaces, commutators and non-commutative geometry

Tom 95 / 2011

Nigel J. Kalton Banach Center Publications 95 (2011), 89-95 MSC: Primary 46-02, 47-02. DOI: 10.4064/bc95-0-6


Nigel J. Kalton was one of the most eminent guests participating in the Józef Marcinkiewicz Centenary Conference. His contribution to the scientific aspect of the meeting was very essential. Nigel was going to prepare a paper based on his plenary lecture. The editors are completely sure that the paper would be a real ornament of the Proceedings. Unfortunately, Nigel's sudden death totally destroyed editors' hopes and plans. Every mathematician knows how unique were Nigel's mathematical achievements. Moreover the community of mathematicians in Poznań is very proud of Nigel's friendship demonstrated many times during his visits at the Adam Mickiewicz University. For these reasons, to commemorate Professor Kalton, the editors of the Proceedings decided to print copies of the slides that he used during his plenary talk on June 29, 2010.

The editors would like to thank very much Mrs Jennifer Kalton for her kind permission to publish Nigel's presentation.


  • Nigel J. Kalton

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