Wehrl entropy of the state in a two-atom Tavis-Cummings model

Tom 96 / 2011

Debraj Nath, P. K. Das Banach Center Publications 96 (2011), 277-285 MSC: Primary: 81P15; Secondary: 46N50, 47N50, 81R30, 81S05. DOI: 10.4064/bc96-0-19


In this paper we present an entropic description of quantum state obtained by interaction of one mode of quantized electromagnetic field with two two-level atoms inside a cavity, known as Tavis–Cumming model. Wehrl entropy has been calculated analytically and investigated as a function of the average value of the photon number operator. Husimi's $Q$ function has been calculated and compared with the behaviour of the field entropy.


  • Debraj NathDepartment of Mathematics, Vivekananda College
    269, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata-700063, India
  • P. K. DasPhysics and Applied Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute
    203, B. T. Road, Kolkata-700108, India

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