Effective simultaneous approximation of complex numbers by conjugate algebraic integers

Tom 63 / 1993

G. Rieger Acta Arithmetica 63 (1993), 325-334 DOI: 10.4064/aa-63-4-325-334


We study effectively the simultaneous approximation of n-1 different complex numbers by conjugate algebraic integers of degree n over ℤ(√-1). This is a refinement of a result of Motzkin [2] (see also [3], p. 50) who has no estimate for the remaining conjugate. If the n-1 different complex numbers lie symmetrically about the real axis, then ℤ(√-1) can be replaced by ℤ. In Section 1 we prove an effective version of a Kronecker approximation theorem; we start with an idea of H. Bohr and E. Landau (see e.g. [4]); later we use an estimate of A. Baker for linear forms with logarithms. This and also Rouché's theorem are then applied in Section 2 to give the result; the required irreducibility is guaranteed by the Schönemann-Eisenstein criterion.


  • G. Rieger

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