Strongly groupoid graded rings and cohomology

Tom 106 / 2006

Patrik Lundström Colloquium Mathematicum 106 (2006), 1-13 MSC: 16D10, 16D90. DOI: 10.4064/cm106-1-1


We interpret the collection of invertible bimodules as a groupoid and call it the Picard groupoid. We use this groupoid to generalize the classical construction of crossed products to what we call groupoid crossed products, and show that these coincide with the class of strongly groupoid graded rings. We then use groupoid crossed products to obtain a generalization from the group graded situation to the groupoid graded case of the bijection from a second cohomology group, defined by the grading and the functor from the groupoid in question to the Picard groupoid, to the collection of equivalence classes of rings strongly graded by the groupoid.


  • Patrik LundströmDepartment of Technology, Mathematics and Computer Science
    University West
    Gärdhemsvägen 4
    Box 957
    461 29, Trollhättan, Sweden

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