Bohr Cluster Points of Sidon Sets

Tom 68 / 1995

L. Ramsey Colloquium Mathematicum 68 (1995), 285-290 DOI: 10.4064/cm-68-2-285-290


It is a long standing open problem whether Sidon subsets of ℤ can be dense in the Bohr compactification of ℤ ([LR]). Yitzhak Katznelson came closest to resolving the issue with a random process in which almost all sets were Sidon and and almost all sets failed to be dense in the Bohr compactification [K]. This note, which does not resolve this open problem, supplies additional evidence that the problem is delicate: it is proved here that if one has a Sidon set which clusters at even one member of ℤ, one can construct from it another Sidon set which is dense in the Bohr compactification of ℤ. A weaker result holds for quasi-independent and dissociate subsets of ℤ.


  • L. Ramsey

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