On associated and attached prime ideals of certain modules

Tom 89 / 2001

K. Divaani-Aazar Colloquium Mathematicum 89 (2001), 147-157 MSC: 13C05, 13E05, 13E10. DOI: 10.4064/cm89-1-11


Primary and secondary functors have been introduced in [2] and applied to extend some results concerning asymptotic prime ideals. In this paper, the theory of primary and secondary functors is developed and examples of non-exact primary and non-exact secondary functors are presented. Also, as an application, the sets of associated and of attached prime ideals of certain modules are determined.


  • K. Divaani-AazarInstitute for Studies in Theoretical
    Physics and Mathematics
    P.O. Box 19395-1795
    Tehran, Iran
    Department of Mathematics
    Az-Zahra University
    Post Code 19834
    Tehran, Iran

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