Manuscripts in the form of PDF files should be submitted here. You are also welcome to contact us by e-mail for more information.

On the proof stage, the author will be asked to sign the copyright transfer agreement.

To avoid ghostwriting and guest authorship the corresponding author is responsible for informing the editors about the contribution of all coauthors and other institutions or subjects in preparing and financing the submission.

An abstract (in English) of not more than 200 words, the AMS Mathematics Subject Classification and a list of key words and phrases are required.

Figures must be prepared in electronic form, suitable for direct reproduction. The use of very thin lines should be avoided.

References should be arranged in alphabetical order and styled according to the examples given below. Abbreviations of journal names should follow Mathematical Reviews.


[6]  D. Beck, Introduction to Dynamical Systems, Vol. 2, Progr. Math. 54, Birkhäuser, Basel, 1978.
[7]  R. Hill and A. James, A new index formula, J. Differential Equations 15 (1982), 197--211.
[8]  J. Kowalski, Some remarks on J(X), in: Algebra and Analysis (Edmonton, 1973), E. Brook (ed.), Lecture Notes in Math. 867, Springer, Berlin, 1974, 115--124.
[Nov]  A. S. Novikov, An existence theorem for planar graphs, preprint, Moscow Univ., 1980 (in Russian).


Complete postal addresses of all authors should be given.

On acceptance of the paper, the authors will be asked to transfer the TeX file to the style of the journal, using the style file for Dissertationes Mathematicae. (It is not necessary to use the style file for the original submission but be aware that the number of pages in the journal style should be in the range of 50 to 150.)

- Style file: dis.cls

- Sample paper: dis-sample.tex

- Sample paper (pdf): dis-sample.pdf

In case of any problems with the use of the style file, or if you need some special features, write to e-mail.


PDF proofs will be e-mailed to the corresponding author.

The Online First version of the article will be sent to the author and published on the journal's web site before the article is assigned to an issue. This version will be freely downloadable for everybody. The author is allowed to post the “Online First” version to his/her personal web site and to any other archives.

When the paper is assigned to an issue, the final print file with all publication data included will also be sent to the author. The latter file will be for the author's personal use only and should not appear on any web site other than IMPAN’s.

If desired, 8 free offprints of the article will be sent to the corresponding author. Additional offprints can be ordered when sending the proof corrections.

Authors retain the right to distribute their author accepted manuscript under a CC-BY license.

The article  can also be published in Open Access (that is, with the final print file also freely downloadable) upon paying a fee of 800 euros. The decision should be communicated at the proof stage; the appropriate invoice will then be sent to the author.

Address of the Editorial Committee:

Dissertationes Mathematicae
Śniadeckich 8
00-656 Warszawa, Poland
Fax: 48-22-6293997 

For additional information and advice, see Guidelines for authors.

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