Strongly almost disjoint familes, revisited

Tom 163 / 2000

A. Hajnal, I. Juhász, S. Shelah Fundamenta Mathematicae 163 (2000), 13-23 DOI: 10.4064/fm-163-1-13-23


The relations M(κ,λ,μ) → B [resp. B(σ)] meaning that if $A⊂[κ]^λ$ with |A|=κ is μ-almost disjoint then A has property B [resp. has a σ-transversal] had been introduced and studied under GCH in [EH]. Our two main results here say the following: Assume GCH and let ϱ be any regular cardinal with a supercompact [resp. 2-huge] cardinal above ϱ. Then there is a ϱ-closed forcing P such that, in $V^P$, we have both GCH and $M(ϱ^{(+ϱ+1)},ϱ^+,ϱ) ↛ B$ [resp. $M(ϱ^{(+ϱ+1)},λ,ϱ) ↛ B(ϱ^+)$ for all $λ ≤ ϱ^{(+ϱ+1)}]$. These show that, consistently, the results of [EH] are sharp. The necessity of using large cardinals follows from the results of [Ko], [HJSh] and [BDJShSz].


  • A. Hajnal
  • I. Juhász
  • S. Shelah

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