Concerning connectedness im kleinen and a related property

Tom 3 / 1922

R. Moore Fundamenta Mathematicae 3 (1922), 232-237 DOI: 10.4064/fm-3-1-232-237


Sierpinski has shown (Wacław Sierpiński Sur une condition pour qu'un continu soit une courbe jordanienne, Fundamenta Mathematicae I (1920), pp. 44-60) that in order that a closed and connected set of points M should be a continuous curve it is necessary and sufficient that, for every positive number ϵ, the connected point-set M should be the sum of a finite number of closed and connected point-sets each of diameter less than ϵ. It follows that, as applied to point-sets which are closed, bounded and connected, this property is equivalent to that of connectedness "im kleinen". The purpose of the present paper is to make a further study of these two properties (or rather suitable modifications of these properties) especially as applied to sets which are not necessarily closed.


  • R. Moore

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