Absolute continuity for elliptic-caloric measures

Tom 120 / 1996

Caroline Sweezy Studia Mathematica 120 (1996), 95-112 DOI: 10.4064/sm-120-2-95-112


A Carleson condition on the difference function for the coefficients of two elliptic-caloric operators is shown to give absolute continuity of one measure with respect to the other on the lateral boundary. The elliptic operators can have time dependent coefficients and only one of them is assumed to have a measure which is doubling. This theorem is an extension of a result of B. Dahlberg [4] on absolute continuity for elliptic measures to the case of the heat equation. The method of proof is an adaptation of Fefferman, Kenig and Pipher's proof of Dahlberg's result [8].


  • Caroline Sweezy

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