On the range of convolution operators on non-quasianalytic ultradifferentiable functions

Tom 126 / 1997

J. Bonet, , Studia Mathematica 126 (1997), 171-198 DOI: 10.4064/sm-126-2-171-198


Let $ℇ_{(ω)}(Ω)$ denote the non-quasianalytic class of Beurling type on an open set Ω in $ℝ^n$. For $μ ∈ ℇ'_{(ω)}(ℝ^n)$ the surjectivity of the convolution operator $T_μ: ℇ_{(ω)}(Ω_1) → ℇ_{(ω)}(Ω_2)$ is characterized by various conditions, e.g. in terms of a convexity property of the pair $(Ω_1, Ω_2)$ and the existence of a fundamental solution for μ or equivalently by a slowly decreasing condition for the Fourier-Laplace transform of μ. Similar conditions characterize the surjectivity of a convolution operator $S_μ: D'_{{ω}}(Ω_1) → D'_{{ω}}(Ω_2)$ between ultradistributions of Roumieu type whenever $μ ∈ ℇ'_{{ω}}(ℝ^n)$. These results extend classical work of Hörmander on convolution operators between spaces of $C^∞$-functions and more recent one of Ciorănescu and Braun, Meise and Vogt.


  • J. Bonet

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