The ratio and generating function of cogrowth coefficients of finitely generated groups

Tom 131 / 1998

Ryszard Szwarc Studia Mathematica 131 (1998), 89-94 DOI: 10.4064/sm-131-1-89-94


Let G be a group generated by r elements $g_1,…,g_r$. Among the reduced words in $g_1,…,g_r$ of length n some, say $γ_n$, represent the identity element of the group G. It has been shown in a combinatorial way that the 2nth root of $γ_{2n}$ has a limit, called the cogrowth exponent with respect to the generators $g_1,…,g_r$. We show by analytic methods that the numbers $γ_n$ vary regularly, i.e. the ratio $γ_{2n+2}/γ_{2n}$ is also convergent. Moreover, we derive new precise information on the domain of holomorphy of γ(z), the generating function associated with the coefficients $γ_n$.


  • Ryszard Szwarc

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