Toeplitz operators in the commutant of a composition operator

Tom 133 / 1999

Bruce Cload Studia Mathematica 133 (1999), 187-196 DOI: 10.4064/sm-133-2-187-196


If ϕ is an analytic self-mapping of the unit disc D and if $H^2(D)$ is the Hardy-Hilbert space on D, the composition operator $C_ϕ$ on $H^{2}(D)$ is defined by $C_ϕ(f) = f∘ϕ$. In this article, we consider which Toeplitz operators $T_f$ satisfy $T_{f}C_{ϕ} = C_{ϕ}T_{f}$


  • Bruce Cload

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