Supporting sequences of pure states on JB algebras

Tom 136 / 1999

Jan Hamhalter Studia Mathematica 136 (1999), 37-47 DOI: 10.4064/sm-136-1-37-47


We show that any sequence $(φ_n)$ of mutually orthogonal pure states on a JB algebra A such that $(φ_n)$ forms an almost discrete sequence in the relative topology induced by the primitive ideal space of A admits a sequence $(a_n)$ consisting of positive, norm one, elements of A with pairwise orthogonal supports which is supporting for $(φ_n)$ in the sense of $φ_n(a_n)=1$ for all n. Moreover, if A is separable then $(a_n)$ can be taken such that $(φ_n)$ is uniquely determined by the biorthogonality condition $φ_n(a_n)=1$. Consequences of this result improving hitherto known extension theorems for C*-algebras and descriptions of dual JB algebras are given.


  • Jan Hamhalter

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