On the spectral Nevanlinna–Pick problem

Tom 170 / 2005

Constantin Costara Studia Mathematica 170 (2005), 23-55 MSC: Primary 30E05; Secondary 32F45. DOI: 10.4064/sm170-1-2


We give several characterizations of the symmetrized $n$-disc $G_{n}$ which generalize to the case $n\geq 3$ the characterizations of the symmetrized bidisc that were used in order to solve the two-point spectral Nevanlinna–Pick problem in ${\mathcal M}_{2}( {\mathbb C})$. Using these characterizations of the symmetrized $n$-disc, which give necessary and sufficient conditions for an element to belong to $G_{n}$, we obtain necessary conditions of interpolation for the general spectral Nevanlinna–Pick problem. They also allow us to give a method to construct analytic functions from the open unit disc of ${\mathbb C}$ into $G_{n}$ and to obtain some of the complex geodesics on $G_{n}$.


  • Constantin CostaraDépartement de mathématiques et de statistique
    Université Laval
    Québec (QC) G1K 7P4, Canada

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